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Created to Worship Purposed to Dance

Dancers have been called by God to be willing vessels! To serve Him with our bodies, our minds, and our very lives! At Creative Worshipper Ministries, we create the tools you need to express your love for the father, to declare war on the enemy, and to shift and change atmospheres!! From dance garments to flags to anointing oils, we have everything you need for your style of creative worship! Need something custom designed? We do that too!! We love to custom create beautiful creations just for you. Check out our custom design items below where you can choose your colors and designs and get a custom creation made just the way you want it!



Custom Dyed Praise Dance Overlays

Custom Dyed Habotai Silk Worship Flags

See us in action!

Why do we Flag?

We get asked this question we get asked all the time! My biggest answer is because I am called by God to do so!! The better question is what do flags do. Flags are a tool with so many different purposes. Flag can shift an atmosphere, give honor and reverence, fill the room with joy or peace or healing, declare war, or even usher in the very presence of God!

Flag Styles

There are also all different kinds of flags with different meanings behind them. Every flag releases something different and has a different purpose. Some are simply worship flags. They open wide in adoration and bow low in reverence. Others are warfare flags that slice thru the air and cut off the head of the enemy! Every flag we use make at creative worshipper has a significance and purpose behind it. From the color of the flag to the very material we use to create it, there is a meaning behind it!

Isaiah 59:19 tells us, “…When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.” Flags are given to us by God and Word-based instruments that are an effective warfare tool. One wave of our warfare flags sends the enemy fleeing. Because, when they cut thru the air they make the very sound of an army marching into battle!

When we wave our instruments in praise & worship, we are professing our love to the Father. We are leaping for joy and giving our God all the glory that he deserves!!Most importantly, e do this in the presence of men on earth and before powers and principalities in the heavens to declare that He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

These beautiful worship flags are all original creative creations hand crafted using 5mm Habotai silk and quality dyes and paints. Silk makes amazing flags because nothing flows and movess quite like it. There is an intimacy in its flow. The flag itself seems to dance before our Abba Father. They are soft and graceful, but powerful in their worship! You can choose from one of our creations or make one of your own!

Beautiful flow like the wings of an angel in flight! Made from colorful tissue lame fabric, they are vibrant tools in your worship arsenal! The wings of an angel being released over the people of God can change atmospheres, war on our behalf and lift up a praise to the Father!

Divine Purpose Outreach Dance Ministry